One tool to rule them all! The new generation of cloud management tooling

Pantaly offers a powerful set of tools, letting you Manage, Automate and Secure the Microsoft and Google Cloud. Gives you insight into your customer’s SaaS landscape and easily set security baselines. The next era of Cloud Management! 

Pantaly the future cloud platform
Manage the cloud with Pantaly


Leveraging the cloud

Pantaly offers a multi-tenant experience based on existing Microsoft and Google technology. Adding value through the power of automation, insight, and multi-tenancy. Creating a single-pane-of-glass experience!

Technologies We Use:

Manage Everything in One Place

Easy user management with the power of out-of-the-box actions and triggers. Manage MEM devices with our native integration. Creating a single-pane-of-glass allowing for easy management! 

  • Curated functionalities focussed on you as MSP and CSP

  • Full Multi-tenant management, including MEM and Autopilot

Managing the cloud
Saas management


Prevent data loss and shadow IT

With the power of the Pantaly agent, you’re able to get an overview of all used SaaS applications. Preventing data loss, security events, or shadow IT. With the power of MEM and defender for endpoint, insights in over 25.000 SaaS applications.

The power of Role-Based Acces Control

Give your employees and customers granular access using RBAC. Allowing teams to have scoped access for security and compliance reasons. Track every change made through our Audit log and stay compliant with your security standards.

RBAC login


Baseline security templates

Use the power of Security baselines and Desired State Configurations. Helping you in securing your customer and all its users. Detect, Mitigate and remediate with Pantaly’s baselines configs. 

Automation is key in your success!

Pantaly helps you automate repetitive tasks like user enrollment, policy setup, and endpoint management. Create automation sequences with simple to use scenario specific tags. 

  • Standardize by templating and deploy at scale

  • Improve overall security

  • Save valuable time by automating 

Our benefits!

Safe time by using our centralized platform for your user management. build new Security and Cloud practices and revenue streams.

User friendly Interface
User friendly Interface

Simple to use interface for you and your customer. No need for any extensive knowledge, just build your cloud practice today

Security as a service
Security as a service

Adopt a new Security portfolio and generate new Managed Services. Without the need for extensive knowledge or investment


Standardize the enrollment of customers, users, and security practices. No more deviations or security risks

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