Discovering your customers SaaS usage

Valuable insights into your customer’s Cloud usage. Prevent Shadow IT, prevent data loss, and unused billed for services. Report on usage and security posture. A new sell-through revenue stream for you as an MSP and CSP. 

Manage the cloud with Pantaly
Managing the cloud


Embracing the Microsoft and Google cloud

A multi-tenant platform, allowing you to manage all your Microsoft 365 and Google customers and users. Use our Quick commands for easy-to-use actions. Setup granular access for your employees and teams, so they can focus on managing your customers.

Technologies We Use:


Manage and report on your customers and their endpoints

Natively supporting Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Autopilot, allowing for multi-tenant management of all your customer’s devices. Template enrollment sequences and security profiles and deploy at scale. Report on security status and remediate any security risks. Allow self-service and device onboarding by your end customers.


One tool to rule them all! Your single-pane of glass

No need to switch portals anymore! One single platform, to manage and secure your Microsoft and Google cloud. Setup your rights and policies (RBAC) for your users, teams, or groups. Have a single dashboard to monitor and report on all your customer’s Saas, User, Workspace, and Security status. 


Automate and scale your cloud business

We help you in automating repetitive tasks! Create your user, device, and security templates and automate the enrollment with our standardized triggers. Making difficult enrollment sequences, simple and available with only one click! Saving you valuable time, and improving the overall quality of your solutions through standardizing. The next step in managing and scaling the cloud!

Our benefits!

Safe time by using our centralized platform for your user management. build new Security and Cloud practices and revenue streams.

User friendly Interface
User friendly Interface

Simple to use interface for you and your customer. No need for any extensive knowledge, just build your cloud practice today

Security as a service
Security as a service

Adopt a new Security portfolio and generate new Managed Services. Without the need for extensive knowledge or investment


Standardize the enrollment of customers, users, and security practices. No more deviations or security risks

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