Together we build best in class solutions!

We help people and businesses thrive by enabling them to work all over the world without any risk. Making the cloud accessible and usable for every user.

We at Pantaly
We at Pantaly

The values that we believe in

The core values that we hold dear! We believe our company's culture will help businesses all across the world thrive.


Creativity is the heart and soul of Panaly. We always look for creative and innovative ways to solve issues.


We're in it to win it! There is no joy in not having a goal. Every day we try to do a bit better and get to that number one spot.

Learn every day

We love to learn every day! Without that mindset we're not ready to solve or even identify customer struggles.


We embrace the hard stuff! Together as a team we can make a serious difference. Sleeves up and get this done together!


What do we do?

We help the MSPs and the end customers Secure and Scale their SaaS and Cloud solutions. Enabling them to detect, protect, and empower every employee to work anytime in any place worldwide.

Our benefits!

Safe time by using our centralized platform for your user management. build new Security and Cloud practices and revenue streams.

User friendly Interface
User friendly Interface

Simple to use interface for you and your customer. No need for any extensive knowledge, just build your cloud practice today

Security as a service
Security as a service

Adopt a new Security portfolio and generate new Managed Services. Without the need for extensive knowledge or investment


Standardize the enrollment of customers, users, and security practices. No more deviations or security risks

Come and join us!

Will you join us and build the next generation of Cloud and SaaS management? We're looking forward to meeting you!

We're looking for new partners to join our BETA program! 🎉