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Hi World! 

We’ve been silent for a while, but we’re happy to announce that we’re working hard on releasing our first BETA of Pantaly. We believe it’s time to change the paradigm of SaaS and Cloud management. 

Derived from an MSP (CSP), we know how hard it is to keep up with all the management tools, the ever-growing technology stack, and the push by Microsoft to adopt M365, become an indirect (coming from being a Tier 1), and the rushed release of the New Commerce Experience. 

All challenging topics, that need to be addressed by you as an MSP or CSP. Aside from the fact, that the Customer is expecting value for their money, support in improving their business productivity. 

This resulted in the creation of Pantaly, a single-pane of glass to help you manage SaaS and Cloud. Solving the issue of multiple portals, needed tooling (and cost to be charged to your customer), but especially helping you in leveraging everything that cloud has to offer.

Manage the cloud with Pantaly

Starting with SaaS discovery, enabling you and your customer to create insight into their cloud usage, and their used Cloud applications. Preventing Shadow IT, data loss, and the use of none compliant tooling. A first step in becoming a trusted Security provider for your customer and creating a new revenue stream!


The next step is managing the actual cloud! We’re leveraging all the existing portals and APIs to create a single and multi-tenant platform for you to use. Enabling the easy (command-based) management of users, customers, and settings. 

But also the implementation of Role-based-access profiles (based on RBAC) to allow and manage access to functionalities, specific customers, and profiles. The tool for all your internal teams and employees. 


Create security profiles and remediate based on the use of Desired State Configuration. The next step is the security management of your customers and generating new revenue streams. Actively report on the state of the tenant and take direct action when needed. Support your customer with real-time insight into their tenant state! 


Not limited to the tenant, but also fully embracing your endpoints! With the power of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (intune) and Autopilot, we are able to allow you to manage all your endpoint in a multi-tenant fashion. Natively supporting MEM and Autopilot, offering you the easiest and the best MSP and CSP curated way of device enrollment, management, and security remediation.


With this powerful set of tools, you’re now able to automate the enrollment of users, customers, and devices. With build-in logic, you’re able to set enrollment templates based on predefined triggers. For example, the enrollment of a new user, adding a new mailbox (first name + Lastname @ domain), adding a user to teams channels (containing: sales and marketing), enroll a pre-defined security profile (MEM). Saving valuable time in the process, creating a standardized enrollment, and improving the overall security posture!

We’re fully committed to the cause you as an MSP or CSP. We understand your struggle and are here to help! But to do that, we need you as well! Helping in shaping our product, testing our releases, and becoming our launching customers.

So we’re happy to connect and set the example for the future management tooling for the MSP and CSP ecosystem. Exciting times ahead! 

The Pantaly Team

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