We're here to help the MSPs and CSPs to manage and secure the cloud! 🚀

Get insight into your customer’s SaaS and Cloud usage. Mitigate and remediate security events. Manage your users and their devices all within one multi-tenant and single-pane of glass. 

A single pane of glass

We help you manage the Microsoft and Google cloud, with an easy-to-use and multi-tenant platform. Supporting the latest Privilege Identity Management standards and the use of GDAP.


Create insights into your SaaS usage and protect the cloud

Create valuable insight into your user’s SaaS usage. With the power of Pantaly auto-discover tooling, we’re able to monitor the usage of over 25.000 different applications. 

Secure your customers and users

Secure the Cloud by using our baseline setup and desired state capabilities. Enforce MFA policies, set up user profiles, and remediate through Desired State Configurations.

Manage the cloud

  • Manage the Microsoft and Google cloud in a single, multi-tenant interface

  • Comprehensive User Management, with easy-to-use actions. Supporting customer Self-Service capability as well

Our benefits!

Safe time by using our centralized platform for your user management. build new Security and Cloud practices and revenue streams.

User friendly Interface
User friendly Interface

Simple to use interface for you and your customer. No need for any extensive knowledge, just build your cloud practice today

Security as a service
Security as a service

Adopt a new Security portfolio and generate new Managed Services. Without the need for extensive knowledge or investment


Standardize the enrollment of customers, users, and security practices. No more deviations or security risks

Automation image Pantaly

Make life simpler with Quick Commands

  • Automate repetitive tasks with the power of Quick Commands

  • Ready to use sequenced commands, for the customer and user enrollment

  • Wizzard like approach for customer and user on and offboarding  

Save valuable time

Automate user enrollment with the use of Quick Commands. Set up your own templates and deploy to multiple customers and users.

Give your customer control

Adding value by allowing self-servicing by your customers. Allowing the enrollment of preselected templates, security baselines, or applications settings.


Manage your modern workplace with Pantaly

Manage, enroll and secure all your modern workplaces with the power of Pantaly. Native support of Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Autopilot in a multi-tenant and easy-to-use fashion.

Instant onboarding
Instant onboarding

An easy onboarding process, without the need for complex technical implementations. Pantaly uses the Microsoft Secure App Model as a CPV

Availability and Performance
Availability and Performance

We believe in the power of the cloud! Being a fully custom PaaS platform, using the power of Micro Services. Providing the best performance and lowest latency


Pantaly uses the latest security standards, protecting the platform and its users. Using Microsoft PIM and Google IAM for authentication and RBAC for user access

Powerful Tools
Powerful Tools

The most comprehensive toolkit for the MSPs to build, manage and secure the Microsoft and Google Cloud. Offering all needed out-of-the-box tooling


Leveraging the Microsoft and Google cloud in a multi-tenant fashion. Allowing for easy management, within one single overview. Including MEM and Autopilot

Onboarding and support
Onboarding and support

Helping you with onboarding and the adoption of Pantaly. Build and manage best-in-class Cloud solutions with ease!

Baseline management

Set customer security profiles and baselines. Enforce policies with the use of DSC (desired state configuration), and do easy remediation. 

Customer actions

A comprehensive set of pre-defined actions to be used by your privileged teams. Allowing for easy management by all different departments.


Everything you need to know before getting started

When can I start using Pantaly

We’re currently working around the clock, to get our first BETA release ready to go for you! Sign-up for our BETA and we will make sure to keep you updated 

Are there any requirements to use Pantaly

No other than having a valid Microsoft 365 or Google Cloud tenant activated. Pantaly handles the rest and allows the easy onboarding of multiple tenants and users afterwards

How do I get charged

We set up your billing information and payment method during the onboarding. New users will be automatically charged.

How does the SaaS app discovery work

With the enrollment of a lightweight Pantaly agent, we can monitor all anonymized Cloud App usage. Easily deployed through MEM

Do you store customer data

Pantaly uses the live APIs of Microsoft and Google and therefore doesn’t store any customer data. Pantaly only stores simple partner and customer indetification information for billing purposes

Can I be part of the customer advisory board

Yes, that would be amazing! Please shoot us a message at hello@pantaly.com and we will make sure to reach out to you!

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